Being a mom can be tough, we get it. We really do. We were and maybe still are those annoying kids that have been bugging you like no one else in the world can. Other blogs try to help you escape the madness of everyday life, but you know it and we know it. That’s just not possible.

We are no dummies though, we know about that one magical place where you can briefly find a safe heaven from it all (accept the in-laws, we can’t help you there). That place is the cottage.

Deep down we actually do feel bad for everything we have put you through over the years, and heck, I guess we might owe you for a couple of things. So we figured we could give you a hand where it helps the most.

We are in charge for once, so pay attention, and we’ll make that safe haven last a little while longer.

You can thank us later,

Shane & Jackie
Queen’s Commerce Students on the Outside, Lifestylists on the Inside


Want to know us a little more? 
Year & Program
Jackie: 3rd Year Queen’s Commerce
Shane: 4th Year Queen’s Commerce
Cottage Location: 
Jackie: Pointe au Baril, Ontario
Shane: Haliburton, Ontario
Favourite Recipe: 
Jackie: Cantaloupe & Mozzarella Caprese Salad is my go-to when it comes to entertaining! Recipe here
Shane: Cheesy Bacon & Egg Hash, the perfect way to start your morning!  Recipe here
Favourite Cocktail: 
Jackie: The white peach sangria, recipe can be found here
Shane: Sunday morning Caesars are my favourite! Favourite recipe here
Why we love our cottage: 
Jackie: The Cottage gives you the perfect entertaining opportunities and good reason to indulge
Shane: The view from my dock and the serenity of the atmosphere can’t be found anywhere else