8 DIY Décor Projects To Create The Perfect Beach House

1. Painted Wood Utensils

Brighten up your kitchen with this quick and easy project.

See more here and here.

2. Chalkboard Serving Plate

A school blackboard is the last thing you want your kids thinking about at the cottage. But this creative serving plate may convince you otherwise.

See more here.

3. Branch Coasters

Put all of those fallen branches to use. These coasters have a uniquely cottage feel.

See more here.

4. Nautical Hooks

Don’t just bring the dock in this winter. Give these nautical hooks a try.

See more here.

5. Driftwood Mirror

Always having to clean up the fallen driftwood after the winter? This project may be a little bit more difficult, but the result is amazing.

See more here.

6. Crate Shelves

A simple, cheap and easy to make solution that looks great!

See more here.

7. Painted Bottles

These look great and are so easy to make that the whole family can get involved.

See more here.

8. Minimalistic Clocks

You can use some of your own creativity on this one. Check out the links below to get some inspiration for your own new and beautiful clock.

See more here and here.


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