6 Creative Cottage Dock Creations

With the summer now long gone you have probably just taken part in the worst moment to ever occur at a cottage – bringing in the dock. The long winter does not mean you can’t enjoy life at the cottage, but the dock, it wont be back till spring.

To help you through this difficult time here are 6 creative cottage dock creations that can make your dock even more enjoyable come spring. Whether you DIY, delegate a project, or purchase these creations through the links provided, these ideas may give you something to work on or dream of over the winter months.

1.  Stairway to Heaven

Pools have stairs, why not your lake? They are especially nice on those cold days when jumping off the end isn’t all its made out to be. See more here.

2. Save Your Stumps 

There is nothing like a starry night the cottage, and the best place to watch – the dock. Light the way with these creative walkway lights. See more here.

3. A Different Type of Water Bed

Remember when you NEEDED that  waterbed for your room in high school. This water bed brings a whole new meaning to the name.


4. Kayak Cradle

Lets be honest, no one likes awkwardly stepping into the kayak off the side of the dock, or worse, getting in from the beach. Whether you DIY or purchase online, a kayak cradle is just what you need. See more here.

5. Hang in the Hammock

Everyone loves “hanging on the dock”. Were not talking about the phrase… we really mean it. bring a new meaning to the saying. Create your very own dock hammock following these simple instructions.

6. Swim-up Bench

Cant wait for the swim-up bar on your winter vacation? Bring that same idea to the cottage with a swim-up bench off the end of your dock. See more here.


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